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You will get everything to sell online with OrderZ. You have the ability to sell quickly and easily to anyone, anywhere in the world and on the internet. With integrated inventory, order management, and pricing, everything can be managed from a single platform.

Make your online sales a success

Start selling and expand your firm, regardless of whether you're a small business owner or a new entrepreneur.

Find products to sell online

Choosing what you want to sell online will help you identify your target market, create a distinctive brand identity, and determine where to promote your enterprise. Find a niche that isn't very competitive and has respectable profit margins.

Online Store

Online Store Online Store

Secure your domain

When someone visits your eCommerce store, the URL that shows in the address bar is known as a domain name. You can use OrderZ to create an online store with a unique domain. You can also utilize your existing domain name with your eCommerce website as well.

Create your online store

It's time to build your eCommerce store with OrderZ. Making the website that will host your store and making the online store that will handle sales can be done in just 4 steps.

Online Store

Online Store

Choose your payment and shipping methods

Although they are not the most fun parts of online sales, payment and delivery are two of the most crucial. You must strike a balance between security, convenience, and speed when selecting your shipping and invoicing options.

Launch and market your online store

You are prepared to begin selling once you have your website, store, and products online. To get visitors, don't forget to market your brand online. You can do it through SEO, social media advertising, Google Ads, or other means.

Online Store


Become a multichannel seller

You don't have to offer your product line only through your website. With OrderZ, selling on Facebook, Amazon, and other channels and marketplaces is a breeze. Bring the platforms together seamlessly.

Let’s explore the online businesses we support

We understand every business is unique and provide solutions based on your requirements. Come explore the features and functions to start selling across online. Just set up your OrderZ ecommerce store once, and double your profits using OrderZ.

Sell Online Wherever You Want


sell on a website

With simple, customizable design tools, you can easily create a new online store from scratch in just 3 minutes. There is no need for coding, just drag and drop the features you need.

Sell on social media

Enable customers to browse and buy products/services from their preferred social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. Do you need a link to sell goods on Whatsapp, YouTube, or another platform? Now sell online with your unique url using OrderZ.


Sell online, in-store, and on-the-go

Utilize applications like Stripe, Paypal, and others to accept payments in-person and on the go. The best part is that OrderZ automatically updates inventory levels so that all of your stores remain completely in sync.

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